Bless Chad Finn, AKA The Voice of Reason

The man who put this bunch together wont escape cross-examination. Theo Epstein is a tremendous general manager when common sense and context are considered, but he must be accountable for the Lackey and Crawford contracts provided the latter wasnt pushed on him by ownership desperate to boost NESN ratings. I do not want him to lose his job or bolt for the Cubs by any means; I want him to find his way out of this mess he has created. And I trust he will.

As for the manager, please dont bring those ill-considered gripes to me, the reactionary argument that someones head has to roll, that Terry Francona has gone too soft. Save the shrieking for someone else; Im going to be more infuriated if Francona leaves than I was when Papelbon threw that meatball to Nolan Reimold. Just because Francona doesnt light up his players to the media doesnt mean hes passive behind closed doors. Hes honest, funny, and sarcastic — Im sure he gets his points across. Again, please, try to keep perspective, and that goes double for anyone in ownership who wrongheadedly thinks Bobby Valentine is the solution to anything.”

via Red Sox did this to themselves – Chad Finns Touching All The Bases –

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